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You can use these silicone bands to keep your plating solution from evaporating and oxidising.

To hermetically seal your plating solution for long-term storage, just place a layer of cling film loosely over the top of your plating beaker and fix it securely with one of these silicone bands.

These bands are

  • chemically resistant
  • heat resistant
  • very long life

All three of these features mean you can rely on them not to snap or break over time, which will prevent accidents during plating and extend the life of your plating solutions.

Please see the picture in the Examples tab for guidance.

Our bands come in a range of sizes and will fit our 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre beakers.





When storing plating solutions in a beaker, make sure that the cling film is made of PVC and not cellophane.
Also ensure that it’s not stretched over the beaker as this could puncture the film. Loosely attach it and make the hermetic seal with the silicone band.

To secure the jig holder using our silicone bands, simply loop a band over the hooks on the arms of the jig holder. You should make sure the silicone band is small enough to keep the jig holder tight around the beaker. Then you can slide the jig holder up and down the beaker. You can find an instructional video on our jig holder product page.

Each of the sizes of our silicone bands are a different colour for ease of use.






Internal Circumferance (cm)

Width (cm)

Thickness (cm) Used for
Small (Blue) 9.6 0.6 0.2 Jig Holder
Medium (Green) 20 0.6 0.2 Securing cling film on 250ml and
500ml beakers
Large (Yellow) 30 0.6 0.2 Securing cling film on 1 and 2
litre beakers



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