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The Stirring Bar is moved magnetically through the bottom of the glass beaker by the Hot Plate Stirrer, keeping the plating solution moving over the piece being plated.
To view the dimensions of the Stirrer Bars, please click on the ‘Tech Specs’ tab below.

Magnetic Stirring Bar can just be seen at bottom of tank, being agitated through the glass by the hot plate stirrer.

Generally, the larger the sized plating beaker the larger the stirring bar should be. For guidance on which sized stirring bar to use, please refer to the individual product pages for the tank plating kits and solutions.


Features Benefits
Magnetised stirrer bar, encased in plastic and to be used with our Hot Plate Stirrer Helps agitate the gold plating solution during plating, ensuring optimum performance of solution.
Comes in sizes Extra Large to Mini The different sizes are matched to the different volumes of Plating Beaker you’re using, ensuring you get the right level of agitation for your plating job.You can also use a smaller Stirrer if you require more gentle agitation.



Stirrer Bar: Dimensions




Product Code

Mini 5mm 15mm 4702
Extra Small 6mm 20mm 4703
Small 6mm 25mm 4707
Medium 7mm 35mm 4708
Large 8mm 50mm 4709
Extra Large 12mm 75mm 4710

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