Rhodium Tank Plating Solution (UK and EU only)

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Our Rhodium Tank Plating Solution delivers very bright, white layers of rhodium electroplating and has been formulated for long life. It can be operated in both fast (40 °C) and slow mode (room temperature) – see Tech Specs.

This solution comes ready-to-use and does not need to be diluted with deionised water in order for it to work.

Rhodium concentration: 2 grams per litre.

Orders outside UK and EU

This plating solution cannot be purchased and shipped outside the UK and the EU because it’s part of our range of plating solutions that are regulated for transport.

A suitable substitute for this product is our White Platinum Tank Plating Solution which plates a layer almost identical to that of rhodium but at a far reduced price.


HS Code: 3824 99 70


The Rhodium Plating Solution for tank plating is specifically developed to work with our Rhodium Tank Plating Starter Kit.
It will deliver very bright, white layers of rhodium to controlled thicknesses. To see a rhodium tank plating project, click HERE for our Electroplating Manual. To keep your rhodium tank plating solution replenished, please see our Rhodium Tank Replenisher HERE

Our Rhodium Tank Plating Starter  Kit is a budget solution for getting started on rhodium tank plating.

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Plating Solution Features Used for
  • Highly reflective and corrosion resistant, lustrous appearance
  • Hardest precious metal
  • Rhodium concentration: 2 gms per litre


  • Plating over white gold alloy (typically 75% gold with balance palladium, platinum or silver) to give a brilliant finish
  • Plating in a small beaker or tank

Rhodium Tank Plating Calculator

How to use this calculator :

1. In the first box enter the temperature at which you are plating (see Notes below).

2. In the second box, enter the thickness that you want to plate to (see Notes below).

3. In the third box, enter the surface area of the article in square centimetres (cm2).

4. Click the ‘Calculate’ button.

5. Read off the amp setting for your rectifier, the plating time and the volume of replenisher to add before starting the plating sequence.

6. The weight of rhodium plated and the approximate cost of the job is included in the final two readouts.


The solution plates twice as fast at 40 centigrade than at room temperature.

Plated layers in excess of 0.5 microns are very brittle and can be prone to peeling.
We recommend a thickness of between 0.1 and 0.3 microns.

Operating Parameters

Not required

Rhodium Concentration 2 g/l
Plating Factor 0.02 A/cm2
Plating Rate (PF: 0.02) 0.08 micron/min at 40 °C (fast mode – see notes)
Plating Rate (PF: 0.02) 0.04 micron/min at 20 °C (slow mode – see notes)
Recommended thickness 0.1 – 0.3 micron
Maximum thickness 0.7 micron
Lightness (L*) of deposit 75 – 78%
Voltage 1-3 volts
pH <1.0
Anode Mesh
Hardness 900-950 Hv
Stress (tensile) High (tensile)
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life Over 5 years
Health and Safety classification Corrosive
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) 2796


  • Our online calculator for Rhodium Tank Plating Solution is calibrated at the higher temperature
    of 40 °C. If operating at 20 °C, you will need to double the time indicated by the calculator to
    achieve the desired thickness.
  • Cover the solution when not in use and if not using for a long period of time, store in a closed

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