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These Anode Bags are designed to fit our beaker plating electrodes.

They allow for maximum solution flow past the anode while at the same time offering the maximum degree of filtration.

They are designed to trap the gas bubbles that are generated on the electrodes, which stops them from getting into the solution.

Here is the complete range of our plating anode bags fitted into their beakers lined up according to size. From left to right; 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 2 Litre, 5 Litre.

Each anode bag covers a platinum electrode which is attached to our beaker rings for plating in a beaker.

This image is for reference only; our anode bags, electrodes and beaker rings, are all sold separately.



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Features Benefits
Filters out almost all particles of copper from the copper electrode. Greatly reduces the amount of copper particles from getting into the copper electroforming solution. This means hardly any filtering of the solution needed and no deposits of copper particles on the surface of the item you’re electroforming.


Dimensions of Anode Bags

Volume Internal Diameter Height Thickness
250 ml 37 mm 80 mm 1.5 mm
500 ml 37 mm 102 mm 1.5 mm
1 litre 37 mm 135 mm 1.5 mm
2 litres 37 mm 160 mm 1.5 mm
5 litres 42 mm 250 mm 1.5 mm

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