Platinum Tank Plating Kit – 1 Litre

You can purchase this kit as it is or if you wish, you can use it as a guide to put together your own bespoke kit. Click on the items in the list to see detailed product information.

£1,695.61 + VAT

MF Rectifier Mk II

£160.12 + VAT

Economy Plating Rectifier

£56.66 + VAT

Platinum Tank Plating Solution (UK and EU only) - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Platinum Tank Replenisher (UK and EU only) - 100ml 


Beaker Ring for Plating in a Beaker - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Platinum Rod Electrode for Beaker Plating × 4 - For 1 Litre Beaker 6mm Diameter 

For 1 litre Beaker, L=124mm, D=6mm

Stainless Mesh Electrode (For Cleaning Only) - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Gold Plated Test Strip × 2

£2.03 + VAT / pc.

Anode Bag × 4 - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Hotplate Stirrer

£228.32 + VAT

Stirring Bar - Medium 


Black Lead Short (0.25 metre) × 2

£4.33 + VAT / pc.

Red Lead Short (0.25 metre)

£4.51 + VAT

Red Lead (1.5 metre)

£4.96 + VAT

Crocodile Clip (long-life) × 5

£2.93 + VAT / pc.

Plating Beaker - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Beaker Lid × 2 - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Temperature Probe

£19.95 + VAT

Plating Timer

£16.41 + VAT

Plating Stand

£42.06 + VAT

Plating Arm and Boss × 2

£69.60 + VAT / pc.

Gold Plated Jigging Wire

£2.90 + VAT

Wire Cutters

£4.21 + VAT

Pipettes - Small 


Pipettes - Medium 


Plastic Tweezers

£1.59 + VAT

MPU - 100ml 


MPU Fine - 100ml 


Spa Plating Silver and Gold Cloth

£3.23 + VAT

Rinse Bottle

£7.46 + VAT

Rinse Beaker × 3 - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Cleaner - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Safety Glasses

£4.21 + VAT

Assorted Nitrile Gloves

£1.07 + VAT


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The platinum tank plating kit – 1 litre is ideal for plating bright platinum layers of up to 2 microns thick. Platinum is a good alternative to rhodium plating for a number of reasons;

  • it is gram-for-gram much cheaper than rhodium.
  • it can be plated a lot thicker than rhodium, giving your work a longer service life.
  • the process give off a lot less gas, which greatly reduces pitting on the surface of your work.

Scaling up or down; you can scale the volume of your platinum tank plating kit – 1 litre up or down by swapping in different volumes of our plating beakers. You can also switch easily between our different plating solutions, as the Spa Plating tank plating process is very similar across all of our tanks plating solutions.

If you want to scale down the volume of the Platinum Tank Plating Kit – 1 litre to a 500ml kit for example, these are the core items you will need to change;

Platinum Tank Plating Kit – 500ml

Platinum Tank Plating Solution – 500ml

Beaker Ring for Plating in a Beaker – 500ml

Platinum Rod Electrode for 500ml Beaker 4 x 6mm or 2 x 8mm

Anode Bag for 500ml Beaker x 2/4

Cleaner – 500ml

Stainless mesh electrode – 500ml

Stirring Bar – Small

Plating Beaker – 500ml

Beaker Lid – 500ml x 2

Rinse beakers x 6 – 500ml

These same core products can be scaled down further to 250ml or up to 2 litres.

The rest of the items on the kit list can stay.



Our platinum tank plating kit – 1 litre plates a bright, hard wearing layer of platinum. This makes it very suitable for items such as rings and bracelets.

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Platinum Tank Plating Kit – HS contents

MF Rectifier Mrk 2

To use this power source for tank plating, please follow the instructions for this laid out in our guide in our electroplating manual – click HERE for the link.


Platinum Tank Plating Solution

Features Applications and Benefits
Bright and very hard Used to plate gem stone settings as it enhances the brilliance of diamonds and other precious stones.
Hypoallergenic Makes it a very suitable finish for personal items such as jewellery

Hot Plate Stirrer

Features Benefits
Fully variable heat control Allows you to keep your plating solution at just the right temperature for optimum performance.
Solution is agitated with a
magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the beaker during plating.
  • Mechanical agitation is a safer alternative to air agitation, as it eradicates any risk of the aerosol effect of the plating solution.
  • Mechanical agitation keeps the solution moving over the surface of the item being plated in a consistent way, again maximising the efficiency of the plating process.
  • Avoids unnecessary oxidisation of the metal plating solution that air agitation could cause.

Temperature Probe

Features Benefits
Temperature of solutions can be monitored by pointing the probe at the tank, pulling the trigger with the temperature shown on the LED screen. The temperature of your plating solution can be quickly and accurately monitored without you having to submerge a thermometer into the solution, avoiding contamination of your plating solution.

Glass Plating Beaker

Features Benefits
Made of heavy-duty Pyrex glass
  • Resistant to mechanical shock especially useful
    when heavy items fall off their support while plating.
  • Items being plated can be seen throughout plating process.
  • Resistant to thermal shock.
Comes in 250ml, 500ml, 1litre and 2 litre volumes and bagged rod electrode
to minimise the ingress of gas generated at the electrodes into the solution.
Plate different sized objects individually or in small batches, from rings to trophies.

Electrode Ring

Features Benefits
Made of non-corrodible metal Will not rust and contaminate your plating solution
Has between 2 and 8 holes depending on the
ring size to hold our rod electrodes.
This allows you a high degree of flexibility. If you only have a small electroforming job, then you may only want to purchase 2 electrodes. Or you can buy the full set of six and arrange them according to the size and shape of the object you’re plating.

 Plating Stand

Features Benefits
Made from stainless steel
  • Fully conductive  – negative lead connects directly to work through stand, which cuts out need for another trailing wire.
  • Non-corrodible
Designed to be used with our Plating Arm and Plating Arm Clamp (sold separately) Allows for complete flexibility – you can adjust height to of arms to accommodate small 250ml tanks up to and including 5 litre tanks
Electrical connection to work via negative lead, plugged into small socket at base of stand Again avoids having to dangle work on negative lead directly into tank

Plating Arm

Features Benefits
Made bespoke from solid stainless steel and designed to be used in conjunction with the Plating Arm Clamp
  • Fully conductive
  • Will not corrode and contaminate the plating solution
  • When used with clamp, can moved up or down the stand in any position to fit any size of plating beaker.
Has ball head join point at one end to accommodate crocodile clip Ball head allows complete 360 degree movement of crocodile clip, so you can quickly and easily make fine adjustments to the position of you work in the plating solution.

Plating Arm Clamp

Features Benefits
Made in-house from non-corrosive stainless steel
  • Fully conductive
  • Will not corrode over time and risk contamination of the plating solution
Precision made from solid stainless steel to fit our Plating Stand perfectly, with wing screw for easy tightening Means that you can fully adjust the height of the arm and it will be held firmly and safely in any position on the stand.

Gold Plated Jigging Wire 

Features Benefits
Gold plated No risk of contamination of plating solution during plating
Easy to bend by hand You’ll be able to shape jigs easily for complexly shaped items as well as a number of smaller items all at once.


Features Benefits
Quickly creates a water-break free surface
  • Ideal surface for plating – cuts out contamination from invisible layers of grease

Plastic Beakers x 2

Features Benefits
2 Rinse Beakers.
NB – Do not place on or near the Hot Plate Stirrer!
Using the common rinse system. Using the same rinses for all process allows for
a considerable savin.

Rinse Bottle

Features Uses
Made of transparent, flexible plastic Easy to control the rate of water flow
Fine spout
  • Easy to direct flow of water onto work piece – good for rinsing small items and details on larger items
  • Very useful for topping up solution in Plating Beaker lost through evaporation


How to switch the MF Rectifier Mk II to tank plating mode

To get started;
1. Place the rectifier on a firm surface.
2. Ensure the on/off switch at the rear of the rectifier is in the "O" position.
3. Connect the mains socket to an earthed mains socket using the mains cable included.

1. Switch on your rectifier

Switch the rectifier on using the on/off switch at the rear of the rectifier. The switch should now be in the “I” position.

2. The "16v/5A" button

Press and hold the “16v/5A” button until it starts flashing.

3. Setting the volts

Set the voltage using the “VOLT” dial to about 5 volts (anywhere between 4.80 – 5.20 volts will do).

4. Setting the current (amps)

Set the current (amps) using the “CURR” dial to your required setting  or that displayed on the relevant Spa Plating Calculator

In this example, we have set it to 0.10 amps.


5. Starting the tank plating process

When you are ready to start plating, press the “OUTPUT ON” button which will change from white to green to show the plating tank is powered. The “16v/5A” button will stop flashing.

6. Stopping the tank plating process

When the tank plating process is complete, press the “OUTPUT ON” button which will change from green back to white to show the tank is powered off.

Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Plating Factor 0.01 A/cm2
Maximum deposit thickness 2 microns (see notes)
Plating rate 1 micron every 19 minutes at 0.01A/cm2
Temperature 38 – 42 °C
pH <1
Platinum concentration 5 grams per litre
Turnovers to exhaustion 5 – 6 (see notes)
Agitation Low – medium
Anodes Mesh or platinum rod electrodes (bagged)
Lightness (L*) of deposit 72
Platinum content in plate 99.9%
Cathode efficiency ~25% at Plating Factor = 0.01A/cm2
Hardness 200 – 400 Hv
Density of deposit 21.3 g/cm3
Stress Medium – high
Special storage requirements Away from sunlight
Shelf life 1 – 2 years
Health and Safety classification Harmful
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) UN number: 2796



  • When plating on titanium, it is essential to sand/grit blast the surface prior to plating.
  • A grey deposit will turn grey if the concentration of platinum drops below 3 grams per litre.
    It can however be polished back with ease and doesn’t affect the physical properties of the deposit.
    We recommend adding 40ml per litre of of solution to restore its bright plating characteristics.
    Alternatively, use the Platinum Concentration Calculator to establish a more accurate addition.
  • A turnover is is defined as one complete replenishment of platinum. In the case of Platinum.
    Tank Plating Solution, as the concentration of platinum is 5 grams per litre, a turnover for 1 litre.
    of solution is 5 grams and the bath would be be exhausted at between 25 to 30 grams of platinum plated.
  • Plating over 2 microns may result in delamination of the platinum film.
  • Gassing at the workpiece in solutions maintained at the recommended concentration is a sign of
    excessive current.

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