Platinum Tank Plating Kit – 1 Litre

You can purchase this kit as it is or if you wish, you can use it as a guide to put together your own bespoke kit. Click on the items in the list to see detailed product information.

£1,671.22 + VAT

Microplater Classic × 2

£143.69 + VAT each

Standard Red Lead - 800mm 


Standard Black Lead × 2 - 600mm 


Platinum Tank Plating Solution (UK and EU only) - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Platinum Tank Replenisher (UK and EU only) - 50ml 


Medline MS300 Hotplate Stirrer

£194.13 + VAT

Crocodile Clip (long-life) × 3

£3.26 + VAT each

Gold Plated Test Strip × 2

£2.26 + VAT each

Stirring Bar - Large 


Plating Beaker - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Beaker Ring for Plating in a Beaker - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Platinum Rod Electrode for Beaker Plating × 4 - For 1 Litre Beaker 6mm Diameter 

For 1 litre Beaker, L=124mm, D=6mm

Anode Bag × 4 - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Cleaner - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Rinse Beaker - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Stainless Mesh Electrode (For Cleaning Only) - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Beaker Lid × 2 - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Temperature Probe

£22.22 + VAT

Pipettes - Small 


Pipettes - Medium 


Plating Timer

£18.28 + VAT

Plating Stand

£46.85 + VAT

Plating Arm and Boss × 2

£77.53 + VAT each

Gold Plated Jigging Wire

£3.23 + VAT

Wire Cutters

£4.69 + VAT

Plastic Tweezers

£1.77 + VAT

Rinse Bottle

£8.31 + VAT

In stock

Rinse Beaker - 500ml 




This tank plating kit is ideal for plating platinum directly onto a number of metals for example silver, gold and grit-blasted titanium.

You could consider it as an alternative for rhodium when plating white gold. However it is slightly less silvery than rhodium.

Like rhodium, you can use it to create a tarnish-free coating for items made out of silver.

One of its other main uses is for producing platinised titanium anodes with the bench-top method of plating.

Scaling up or down; you can scale the volume of this Platinum Tank Plating Kit – 1 Litre up or down by swapping in different volumes of our plating beakers.

You can also switch easily between our different plating solutions as the Spa Plating tank plating process is very similar across all of our tank plating solutions.

If you want to scale down the volume of the 1 litre kit to a 500ml kit for example, these are the core items you will need to change;

Platinum Tank Plating Kit – 500ml

Cleaner – 500ml

Stirring Bar – Medium

Plating Beaker – 500ml

Beaker Ring – 500ml

Stainless mesh electrode for cleaning only – 500ml

Beaker Lid – 500ml x 2

Rinse beakers x 2 – 250 ml

These same core products can be scaled down further to 250ml or up to 2 litres.

The rest of the items on the kit list can stay.

We platinum plated this stone set ring with our kit and platinum tank plating solution. It plates a bright, hard wearing layer and is very suitable for items such as rings and bracelets.

This picture shows how to platinum plate a ring using our platinum tank plating solution and our power source, the Microplater.

Please click on the following links for the technical specifications of the two platinum solutions that can be used with this kit:

Platinum Tank Plating Solution

Platinum Tank Plating Solution HB (Available worldwide)

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