Nickel Tank Plating Calculator

Amp and Time Settings

pH Control

How to use the Nickel Tank Calculator :

1. In the first box, enter the thickness that you want to plate to in microns.

2. In the second box, enter the surface area of the article in square centimetres (cm2).

3. Click the ‘Calculate’ button.

4. Read off the amp setting for your rectifier, the plating time and the amount of Nickel Tank Maintenance Brightener to add before starting the plating sequence.

5. If you are using our Coulometer or MicroPlater, read off the coulombs or in the case of the MicroPlater, the amp-hours.

6. The weight of nickel plated is shown in the final box.

How to use the pH Control Calculator :

1. Measure the pH of the Nickel Tank Plating Solution and enter the result in the box marked ‘Actual pH’.

2. Enter the pH that you wish to attain in the box marked ‘Desired pH’.

3. Finally enter the volume of the plating tank/beaker.

4. Click the ‘Calculate’ button.

5. Read off the weight of Nickel pH Adjuster to add to attain the desired pH.