50ml Storage Syringe

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We advise that the 50ml Storage Syringe is used to store our Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating Solution (18 Carat) and our K-Gold Brush Plating Solution.

Storing these plating solutions in a syringe avoids the deterioration of the solutions due to the reaction with air. It will ensure the solutions stay useable right up to the use by date range stated in the Tech Specs on the relevant product pages.

For instructions on how to use the syringe for storing your plating solution, please click on the ‘Manual’ tab to the right.


Here is one of our 50ml storage syringes filled up with 50ml of our Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating Solution. This plating solution will now be safe from long term deterioration from contact with air.

There are a number of other benefits from storing your solution in this way. It allows for easy and accurate measuring out, so you waste less of your precious metal plating solution. Also, if you accidentally spill any unused solution, any small drops can easily be sucked back up into the syringe for use later.

How to fill your storage syringe with plating solution

Storing your rose gold brush/pen plating solution and k-gold plating solution in a syringe will ensure you minimise any deterioration of the solution due to exposure to air.

1. Fitting the needle

Screw the needle into the syringe.

2. Filling the syringe

Draw the plating solution up into the syringe.

3. Clearing the needle

Pull any solution that is still in the needle back into the body of the syringe.

4. Clearing the air from the syringe

Squeeze the plunger of the syringe until a little plating solution comes out of the needle. This will clear the syringe of any last remaining air pockets.

5. Capping needle

Fit the red cap to the end of the needle.

6. Filled syringe

The filled syringe will now keep your plating solution ready for use. Please see the relevant plating solution product page the under ‘Tech Specs’ section for storage guidance.

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