Plating Arm and Boss

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You’ll not only be able to fine tune the position of your work in the your tank but also add more arms as you go, to accommodate your growing range of plating finishes. Fully conductive.
Made from stainless steel to ensure long life and alleviate problems due to bad contacts.

The plating arm boss is made of stainless steel and is fully adjustable and conductive. To see a tank plating project that uses this plating arm, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

The clamp consists of a stainless steel, corrosion resistant crocodile clip and two double ball joints that increase flexibility and ease of use

The two double ball joints mean it’s easy to position your work correctly in your plating solution

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Plating Arm

Features Benefits
Made bespoke from solid stainless steel and designed to be used in conjunction with the Plating Arm Clamp Fully conductive – will not corrode and contaminate gold tank plating solution. Plating Clamp allows Arm to be moved up or down the stand in any position to fit any size of plating beaker.
Has ball head join point at one end to accommodate crocodile clip Ball head allows complete 360 degree movement of crocodile clip, so you can quickly and easily make fine adjustments to the position of you work in the gold plating solution.

Plating Arm Clamp

Features Benefits
Made in-house from non-corrosive stainless steel Will not corrode over time and risk contamination of gold tank plating solution
Precision made from solid stainless steel to fit our Plating Stand perfectly, with wing screw for easy tightening Means that you can fully adjust the height of the arm and it will be held firmly and safely in any position on the stand.


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