Filter Kit for Tank Plating (1 and 2 Litre)

You can purchase this kit as it is or if you wish, you can use it as a guide to put together your own bespoke kit. Click on the items in the list to see detailed product information.

£31.47 + VAT

Filter Papers (5 pack) - 1and2_litre_paper 

1and2 litre Paper

Funnel - 1and2_litre_funnel 

1and2 Litre Funnel

Funnel Holder

£11.27 + VAT

Rinse Beaker - 1 Litre 

1 Litre


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Allows you to filter your 1 and 2 Litre quantities of tank plating solutions with the minimum of hassle, keeping your solutions working to maximum efficiency.

All tank plating solutions occasionally need filtering to remove particles that build up over time.

Our filtering kit makes the process of keeping your tank plating solution in tip top condition easy to set up and mess free. The filter kit does not include the necessary Plating Stand which can be purchased separately on our shop. The Filter Papers and Funnels come in a range of sizes, from 250ml up to 2 Litre amounts.

Regular filtering can help you save money by extending the working life of your tank plating solution. You may also find our Carbon Powder useful to help keep your tank plating solutions working efficiently. This can be found on our ‘Sundries’ shop category by clicking HERE.

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