How to use our Solids Recovery

Using our Solids Recovery to extend the life of your Conductive Ink

If you Conductive Ink (hi-grade) for Airbrush thickens over time, our Solids Recovery will return it to its optimum condition for use with an airbrush. With this product you'll be able to considerably extend the life of your ink and keep it working better for longer.
It can be bought separately and is included when you buy our Conductive Ink (hi-grade) Airbrush Version.
Our Conductive Ink (hi-grade) needs to be stored at a temperature between 2 and 9 degrees centigrade and when stored within this temperature range, has a shelf life of 3 months. This can be extended to about 8 months with our Solids recovery.

1. Adding the Solids Recovery

If your Conductive Ink begins to thicken, here are the quantities at which you need to add our Solids Recovery to restore your Ink to its original condition:

Weight of Ink
Drops to restore Ink from Gel
1 – 2
Try 1 first. If not thin enough, add another drop
6 -7
Try 6 first. If not thin enough add another drop


2. Shaking the Ink

Once the correct amount of Solids Recovery has been added to the ink, replace the lid and give the jar a thorough shake. Once used, continue to store at the recommended temperature range.

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