Electroplating guides

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Using the Rhodium Tank Plating Starter Kit

Magnetic Stirrer Instructions

Setting up your MF Rectifier for Brush Plating

Setting up your MF Rectifier for pen plating

How to use our scales

How to set up your Battery Powered Plating Pen from new

Battery powered pen maintenance

Black Ruthenium Tank Plating on Sterling Silver

How to use our Solids Recovery

Gold brush plating silver

Preparing swatches for our Coloured Metal Mixers

Gold plating chrome without chrome stripping with Gold Strike

Rose gold tank plating - how to prepare a test strip

How to use our pH Meter Kit

Rose gold brush plating on silver

How to clean your Airbrush

Copper electroforming on stone

Copper electroforming on plastic

Silver tank plating a brass cornet mouthpiece

Rhodium tank plating on silver jewellery

Gold tank plating a silver ring to vermeil standard

Pen plating rose gold and white palladium on a nickel alloy brooch

Gold pen plating on stainless steel electrical connections

How to prepare PP Stabiliser for our PP Copper Plating Solution

Disposal considerations

Which pen plating kit would be best for you?

Selective gold pen plating on silver jewellery

Palladium brush plating a stainless steel watch case

Calibrating a fan oven for curing our Conductive Ink

Silver brush plating on pewter with a plated white bronze undercoat

How to prepare our Conductive Epoxy

Copper brush plating - an introduction and troubleshooting

Silver and selective gold brush plating on a zinc model car

How to use our Battery Powered Plating Pen

A guide to our Coloured Metal Mixers

How to mix Black Chrome Plating Solution

A black chrome plating introduction

Black chrome plating a brass door handle

Silver brush plating an antique EPNS match box

How to prepare our Rose Gold Mixer

Choosing the right Spa Plating polishing/cleaning compound for your job

How to prepare white bronze plating solution

White bronze brush plating - an introduction and troubleshooting

How to identify different metals

How to use our Conductivity Tester

Using our Flat Electrodes to silver brush plate larger areas

Our brush plating solutions; uses, pre-treatments and recommended electrodes

The composition of common alloys

Gold brush plating bathroom furniture on-site using our Thickener

How to prepare Thickener

An introduction to chrome stripping with Safe-T-Strip

Gold brush plating - an introduction and troubleshooting

How to change your electrodes for brush plating

Gold Plating Stainless Steel

Machine and hand polishing metal for electroplating

Silver brush plating - an introduction and troubleshooting

Pre-treatment stages for gold plating and silver plating - a quick reference

Gold plating and chrome stripping on copper

Fitting our Expansion Box for Brush Plating

Powered activating and cleaning for brush plating

Choosing the right electrode for brush electroplating

Surface preparation for electroplating - achieving a water break free surface

An introduction to brush plating

Silver brush plating on copper