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Ensure top quality plating with our non-corrosive Cleaner. Achieves completely water break free surfaces quickly and reduces preparation time. Can be used with the brush and tank plating method. Won’t damage paint. Scroll down for more information.

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example usage 1

1. Before powered cleaning – water breaks will inhibit plating, so must be removed.

example usage 2

2. Ring is lowered into Cleaner which immediately gets to work, preparing the surface for gold plating.

example usage 3

3. After Cleaner, surface is now completely water break free.

example usage 4

4. Great gold plating results thanks to a completely clean surface. Cleaner can also be used with the brush plating process. Please click HERE to see a related video.

example usage 5

In some cases electrocleaning is the only safe way of preparing the surface for plating. Here the surface of a silver earring has been stopped out with red nail varnish, ready for selective plating. Electrocleaning in a tank avoids the risk of removing the stop out, which manual cleaning with MPU represents.

Product Details

  • Can be used with gold, silver, copper, brass, pewter, tin alloys and ferrous metals.
  • Use at room temperature: No need for a hotplate; minimises topping up due to evapouration losses.
  • Removes oxidation from copper, brass and nickel.
  • Removes tarnish from silver: Non-abrasive method of tarnish removal especially in other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Doesn’t attack paint, so safe to use on partially painted/masked areas.

Tech Specs

Operating Parameters

For Brush Plating For Tank Plating
Plating Factor 0.03 – 0.05 A/cm2
Voltage 4 – 6 volts 3.0 – 4.5 volts*
Temperature Room 12 – 70°C
Agitation Optional (stirrer)
Electrode/Anode Carbon (preferred), platinum or stainless steel Mesh or Stainless- Steel**
Processing time Until waterbreak free 30 – 60 seconds

* The cleaning stage for tank can be set either by the plating factor
or setting the voltage within the recommended range

** Voltage setting for tank cleaning with a stainless steel
electrode will require an extra 0.5 volt.


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Read Manual

To see a project that uses our Cleaner, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

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Cleaner 250ml £7.06 Stock: 18
Cleaner 500ml £11.68 Stock: 12
Cleaner l litre £20.16 Stock: 7


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