Hotplate Stirrer

Hotplate Stirrer

The Hotplate Stirrer features clearly marked controls for the precision setting of agitation and temperature. It agitates safely, avoiding the creation of fine mists or aerosols of potentially hazardous plating solutions. Essential for consistently reliable tank plating results.

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This hotplate stirrer heats and agitates safely and avoids the fine mists or aerosols of plating solutions which can be created from other methods of agitation. Please click HERE to see a project which uses our Hotplate Stirrer in our Electroplating Manual.

Product Details


Features Benefits
Fully variable heat control Allows you to keep your gold plating solution at just the right temperature for optimum performance
Solution is agitated with a magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the beaker during plating.
  • Mechanical agitation is a safer alternative to air agitation, as it eradicates any risk of the aerosol effect of the plating solution.
  • Mechanical agitation keeps the tank plating solution moving over the surface of the item being plated in a consistent way, again maximising the efficiency of the plating process.
  • Avoids unnecessary oxidisation of the metal plating solution that air agitation will cause.
Large hotplate
  • Can accommodate beakers up to 5 litres
Low temperature operation
  • Can control operating temperature and is especially accurate at lower operating temperatures (25 – 40 centigrade)


Tech Specs


Stirring speed 0 – 1500 rpm
Temperature Room temperature – 380 °C
Cover material Ceramic coated steel – chemical resistant
Plate dimensions 180mm x 180mm
Overall dimensions 200mm x 340mm x 100mm (w x d x h)
Maximum beaker size 5 litres
Power supply 220/240v, 50/60 Hz
Power rating 695 watts
Fuse rating 5 amps

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Please click HERE to see a project which uses our Hotplate Stirrer in our Electroplating Manual.

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Hotplate Stirrer £189.62 Stock: 17


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