Thinners for Conductive Paint

Thinners for Conductive Paint

Used for thinning Conductive Paint (both brush and airbrush versions) and for cleaning.

Caution: This product if flammable.

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These thinners are designed to thin, and thus reduce, the viscosity of our Conductive Paint, so that it flows more easily through an airbrush.

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Warning: This product is flammable and must not be used close to open flames or other such ignition sources.

Tech Specs

Operating Conditions and Safety Data

Dilution ratio for brushing Use as supplied
Dilution ratio for airbrushing (volume : volume) 10 parts Conductive Paint : 2 parts Thinners
Special storage requirements Store in a cool, (see notes below)
Shelf life 1 – 2 years
Health and Safety classification Flammable
Special considerations Flammable
Transport (UN number) 1123



  • Keep away from sources of ignition – No smoking. Avoid exposure to high temperatures.
  • Warning: This product is flammable and must not be used close to open flames or other such ignition sources.

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