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Complete plating portability with our battery operated plating pen. Ships with Platinum Pen Electrode and 3 x AAA alkaline batteries included. Ideal for gold plating jewellery and PCBs. To purchase replacement parts for your battery powered plating pen, please click HERE.

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example usage 1

Our Battery Powered Plating Pen is ideal for adding touches of gold to larger pieces of silver jewellery. For guidance on how much of our Gold Pen Plating Solution you’ll need, pleases click HERE for our Brush and Pen Plating calculator. For full instructions on using our Battery Powered Plating Pen, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

example usage 2

One of the unique features of our portable plating pen is that it can be completely disassembled for thourough cleaning and for swapping pen electrodes. The kit includes a mini allen key which loosens the grub nut on the side of the titanium elecrode holder, releasing the platinum pen electrode. Both the electrode holder and the electrode can then be thoroughly cleaned, avoiding cross contamination between pen plating solutions and possible corrosion over time whilst the pen is in storage.

example usage 3

Once the pen is disassembled it is easy to clean, either under running water or with the help of one of our Rinse Bottles.

example usage 4

The Battery Powered Plating Pen operates at a range of 3.0 – 5.0 volts. This can be modified by replacing one of the batteries with the Battery Replacer (included in the kit) This will reduce the voltage level of your pen when you need to silver plate with the Silver Pen Plating Solution. For instructions on use, please see the product page HERE. Your battery pen is also shipped with the batteries separate to the pen. Once your pen arrives, all you have to do is slip the three batteries (positive end in first) into the battery holder and screw the battery cover back up and you can start plating. For a full guide on how to set up your battery pen from new, please click HERE. And of course, once the batteries eventually need to be replaced, simply insert three new AAA batteries – no need to throw away the pen and buy a completely new one!

example usage 5

Please ensure a good electrical contact between the base of the nib and the pen electrode by ensuring the nib is completely soaked in pen plating solution and the base of the nib is in full contact with the top of the pen electrode.

example usage 6

The battery operated pen is ideal for both decorative and functional uses. Here it’s being used to gold plate connections on a PCB. To see a project on selective gold plating the steel connectors on a Photomultiplier, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

example usage 7

The battery pen plater can be used to plate our range of coloured golds, such as these rose gold plated sterling silver rings. To see a project on rose gold pen plating, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

example usage 8

The battery pen plater is also great for rhodium plating the claws on diamond rings. If this is you main reason for using the battery pen plater, may we suggest you purchase the Battery Powered Rhodium Pen Plating Kit from our Special Orders page.

example usage 9

The ends of the nibs can be trimmed to achieve that perfect fit! Make sure the nib is completely soaked in the plating solution and the nib is fully pushed down into the end of the pen (the anode) so that the base of the nib is in close contact with the anode, forming a good, electrically conductive contact.

example usage 10

If at a later stage you decide you’d like to move on to our MF Rectifier you can easily convert your battery powered pen so that it can be used with one of our rectifiers with one of our Battery Plating Pen Converters (click HERE)

Product Details

Battery Powered Plating Pen

Features Benefits
Powered by 3 AAA batteries Long life batteries that mean the plating pen will keep plating for longer. Delivers 3.0 – 5.0 volts. The batteries, once they are used up, can be easily replaced so the plating pen doesn’t have to be thrown away.
Can be completely disassembled enables the pen to be thoroughly cleaned and properly stored between uses, ensuring the pen operates at maximum efficiency.

Copper crocodile clip at end of black lead corrosoin resistant and reduces scratching compared to a stainless steel crocodile clip.

Pen electrode can be removed from pen electrode holder Can swap electrodes according to pen plating solution being used, so if you’re silver pen plating you can use our silver pen electrode or if you’re rose gold pen plating you can fit our carbon pen electrode.
Copper crocodile clip at end of black lead corrosion resistant and reduces scratching compared to a stainless steel crocodile clip.

Tech Specs

Technical Data

Voltage 3.0 – 5.0 volts (see notes)
Power source 2 or 3 x AAA batteries
Electrode Built in – platinised titanium (see notes)
Tip Point, Paddle. Fibre or Fine Fibre Nib


  • Depending on type of batteries and whether Battery Replacer is used.
  • We recommend that after each use the electrode housing is removed for storage
    as explained by clicking HERE


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Read Manual

Please click HERE to see full instructions for the use of our Battery Plating Pen in our online Electroplating Manual. Click HERE for a link to our guide on how to maintain your battery powered plating pen.

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Battery Powered Plating Pen £67.98 Stock: 18


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