Silver Electrode

Silver Electrode

This silver anode will save you between 40 and 50 percent of silver in your silver plating solution. Made from pure silver.

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Antique match box silver plated with our Silver Brush Plating Solution and the Silver Electrode. Because the silver you’re plating out from the solution is replenished from the electrode, you don’t have to dip the swab back into the solution so often. For further guidance on choosing the right electrode, please see our guide in our Electroplating Manual by clicking HERE.

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Made from pure silver, it dissolves in the plating solution The silver in the anode replaces the silver from the plating solution, so you can save between 40% and 50% on the cost of solution. It can also save you time as once you’ve dipped your swab in the plating solution, you don’t have to keep dipping it back – the silver from the anode gets plated instead. If you intend to rely on this, we recommend you mix our Thickener with the Silver Plating Solution to make sure the swab doesn’t dry out and electrical contact is maintained.


Tech Specs


Length 98 mm
Diameter 6 mm
Purity 99.9%



  • Brush plating voltage is up to 1 volt less than if using the Carbon electrode
  • Annealed silver ensures even dissolution of electrode in silver solution

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For guidance on how to change your electrodes, please click HERE to see our Electroplating Manual.

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Silver Electrode Silver Electrode £29.59 Stock: 72


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