Rhodium Pen Plating Solution

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Our rhodium pen plating solution plates bright and white. One of the reasons for this is that it is free from additives whose breakdown products can cause darkening of the plate and reduce shelf life.

Please use our Fibre Nibs with our rhodium pen solution and these can be purchased HERE

This solution has an extra long shelf life of over 5 years.

Rhodium content: 20 grams per litre.

Our Palladium Pen Plating Solution is a good alternative to rhodium and can be shipped outside the UK and EU.

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example usage 1

Rhodium pen plating the claws on a gold ring using our Battery Powered Plating Pen fitted with our Fine Fibre Nib which has been specially developed for rhodium pen plating. For help with the technique of pen plating, click HERE to see our Electroplating Manual.

example usage 2

We also sell a complete Battery Powered Rhodium Pen Plating Kit. Please click HERE for details.

Product Details

Features Applications Method
  • Highly reflective and corrosion resistant, lustrous appearance
  • Hardest precious metal
  • Rhodium concentration: 25 gms per litre
  • Plating over white gold alloy (typically 75% gold with balance palladium, platinum or silver) to give a brilliant finish
  • Non-tarnish coating for silver
  • To be used with our Plating Pen, not our Battery Operated Pen
  • Plate at no lower than 25 degrees centigrade.
  • If plating on to base metals and sterling silver, plate a barrier layer of palladium, white palladium or white gold.
  • Use our Fibre Nibs only.

Tech Specs

Operating Parameters and Deposit Data


Voltage Range 4.0 – 5.0 volts
Temperature Above 20 °C
Rhodium Concentration 20 g/l
Electrode Plating Pen or Battery Plating Pen
Palladium content in plate 99.9% (balance carbon, nitrogen)
Lightness (L*) of deposit 72 – 80%
Plating Rate at (3.5 volts, carbon electrode) 0.3 micron per minute at 25 °C
Hardness 980 – 1000 Hv
Density of deposit 11.82 g/cm3
Stress Highly stressed
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life Over 5 years
Health and Safety classification Corrosive
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) 2796 Packing Group ll

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For guidance on pen plating with our products, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

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