Gold Brush Plating Starter Kit

You can purchase this kit as it is or if you wish, you can use it as a guide to put together your own bespoke kit. Click on the items in the list to see detailed product information.

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Gold Plating Solution - Brush - 50ml 


Chrome Stripper - 250ml 


Cleaner - 250ml 


ActiClean - 250ml 


Nickel Brush Plating Solution - 250ml 


MPU - 100ml 


Spa Plating Silver and Gold Cloth

£4.32 + VAT

MetaPrep - 100g 


MetaSeal - 100g 


Thickener - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Electrode Handle × 3

£19.05 + VAT each

In stock

Stainless Steel Electrode

£6.39 + VAT

Carbon Electrode

£7.93 + VAT

Platinum Electrode

£36.28 + VAT

Standard Red Lead × 3 - 1000mm 1 Metre 

1,000mm (1 metre)

Black Lead (1.5 metre)

£18.13 + VAT

Crocodile Clip (long-life)

£3.26 + VAT

Standard Swab – Single

£4.83 + VAT

Extra Fluffy Swab

£4.50 + VAT

Short Swab

£4.04 + VAT

Beakers × 3 - Medium 


Measuring Cylinder

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Pipettes - Small 


Pipettes - Medium 


Drip Tray × 3

£8.73 + VAT each

Rinse Bottle

£8.31 + VAT

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Conductor Strips - 5 Pack 

5 Pack

Safety Glasses

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Assorted Nitrile Gloves

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This Gold Brush Plating Starter Kit is great for setting up a gold and silver brush plating facility at home or in the workshop. Includes 100ml of our Gold Plating Solution for brush plating, which contains 8 grams of pure 24 carat gold per litre.

The Gold Brush Plating Starter Kit is built around our MF Rectifier Mk II. This is a multi-function rectifier and so can be used for brush, pen and tank plating. If you’re looking for the flexibility to pen as well as brush plate, you could add one of our Plating Pens to your kit list. For our guide on how to set it up for brush plating, please click HERE.

With this Gold Brush Plating Starter Kit you will  be able to gold plate on stainless steel as well as a range of other metals. This stainless steel Business Card Holder has been silver and gold brush plated with our Gold and Silver Brush Plating Solution. The Gold Brush Plating Solution contains 8 grams of pure gold per litre and the Silver Brush Plating Solution contains 25 grams of pure silver per litre. This kit (or any of our other kits, equipment or solutions) is not suitable for plating on to aluminium or titanium and therefore can’t be used to plate iPhones and other similar products.

Re-silver plating antiques is straightforward with our Silver Brush Plating Solution which is included with this kit. Undercoat with a thick layer of our Copper Brush Plating Solution, which can be purchased by clicking HERE and then polish back and you’ll be able to reduce the appearance of small scratches, ready for the final layer of silver plating. For guidance on pre-treatment stages with brush plating, please follow this link our electroplating manual.

One of the most important considerations for successful electroplating is surface preparation and chief amongst this is achieving a water-break-free surface. For practical tips on this, please see our guide Surface preparation for electroplating – achieving a water break free surface.

Cleanliness apart, whether the surface you’re plating on is matt or shiny is also something to consider. If the surface is matt then your plated layer will also be matt; no amount of brush plating will turn it shiny. So if you want a shiny plated layer you will need to ensure the surface you start out with is shiny.

This kit can also be used to plate different shades/alloys of gold using our coloured gold mixing system. Please click HERE to see our Coloured Gold Mixing Kit which contains everything you need to get started with plating the complete range of coloured golds commonly used in the jewellery industry and related trades.

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A note on our kits;

Every item in our electroplating kits

makes an important contribution to the overall success of the plating process
has been thoroughly tested to ensure it performs its job at the highest level in the overall electroplating process
is either made in-house or has been carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers

These factors ensure consistent, top quality plating results for a fair price.
Key Kit Contents Features Example uses
MF Rectifier Mrk2

Can be used for brush, pen and tank plating

For instructions for setting it up for brush plating, please click HERE.
All brush plating jobs (including chrome), small to large eg. plating jewellery, sculpture, scientific/medical applications, car badges, mobile phones….

Gold & Silver Plating Solution Gold content – 8 grams per litre. Silver – cyanide free, 25 grams of pure silver per litre. Both unique to Spa Plating Gold and silver plating on most surfaces – transforming a wide range of items, both decorative and functional

Platinum, carbon and stainless steel electrodes The Platinum electrode delivers top quality plating and will last a lifetime; carbon electrode – acti-cleaning ; stainless steel – chrome stripping All plated finishes for interior restoration, scientific and medical applications, musical instrument renovation, architectural plating…
Safe-T-Strip Safe chrome stripping to allow gold or silver plating -Doesn’t produce highly toxic hexavalent chromium bi-products, characterised by yellow stain on swab. Unique to Spa Plating Removing chrome plate in order to re-chrome plate or change plated layer to gold/silver on items such as interior fittings, car badges
Thickener A fine powder which, when added to your plating solution, turns it into a gel. Great for plating in-situ eg. bathroom furniture or car parts – avoid wasting money from your solutions draining away
Swabs – pack of five
Features Used for
Made from materials best suited to brush plating – manufacture and design exclusive to Spa Plating Holds just the right amount of plating solution, which reduces wastage and saves time
Hard wearing yet soft and absorbent – very economical Each swab can be re-used many times – just rinse thoroughly between plating stages. Can be used with most of our plating solutions apart from rhodium and platinum, which need our S-Type Swabs
MetaPrep Contains a highly efficient cleaning agentContains a polishing agent Removing the most stubborn of silicone and hardened waxes, particularly after mechanical polishing. Helps to brighten the surface of your work.For a full description and advice on polishing, please see our manual.
MPU One stage cleaning and activating productCan be used during the plating process without having to re-electroclean and activate For cleaning and activating in one stage, can replace the ActiClean stage – saves time and moneyClearing burns or other marks produced during plating – all you have to do is rinse and carry on plating
MetaSeal Non-abrasiveSpecial formulation Bringing out the final lustre of your work and cuts out the hard work associated with final finishingSeals in the shine and slows tarnishing

Our brush plating solutions; uses, pre-treatments and recommended electrodes

Here you'll find in one handy table, the basic technical data you need to know about our most popular brush plating solutions. It covers;

- its correct voltage
- what the plating solution is most commonly used for
- the best pre-treatments depending on the base metal
- the right electrode to use with it

Please remember that the information on this page is for brush plating only. If you need information about pen or tank plating, please see the other sections in this manual that deal with these areas.

Quick reference table for brush plating solutions

Plating Solution What it can be used for When plating on to… Pre-plate with… Recommended electrode
Gold 4-5v Decorative applications for example jewellery, antiques, bathroom furniture. Used for functional applications such as electrical contacts as it’s a good conductor of electricity.


Gold Flash 5-6v Used only as an undercoat for many other plating solutions. Useful for providing a key layer for subsequent gold plating on difficult to plate surfaces such as stainless steel. Stainless Steel and it alloys NA Platinum/carbon
Silver 2.5-3.5v Decorative applications for example up-cycling antiques. Functional applications for example a cheaper alternative to gold for electrical connections.
  • Stainless steel
  • tin and its alloys
  • Gold Flash
  • a layer of white bronze
Copper 4v Decorative finish on many items for example sculpture. Functional applications for example building up a thick layer to fill in scratches on printing machinery or scratches on decorative items (eg. silver plated antiques) for polishing back and subsequent silver plating. Nickel and its alloys Gold Flash Copper,carbon
White palladium 3v Decorative finish on white gold jewellery instead of more expensive rhodium or platinum. Also plated on to silver jewellery to reduce tarnishing and scratching. Used as hypoallergenic replacement for nickel. Makes a good barrier layer when plating gold on to copper. Stainless steel Gold Flash Platinum/carbon
Platinum 4-5v Temp; 20 degrees centigrade minimum Decorative finish on bathroom furniture. Used to re-plate white gold wedding rings. Should not be used on exterior fittings as brush plating alone provides minimum protection from the external environment.
  • Copper and brass
  • stainless steel, nickel and its alloys
  • white bronze
  • Gold Flash
Black Chrome 6-8v Temp; 25 degrees centigrade minimum Decorative finish on items such as bathroom furniture. Should not be used on exterior fittings as brush plating alone provides minimum protection from the external environment.
  • Copper and brass
  • stainless steel, nickel and its alloys
  • white bronze
  • Gold Flash
Nickel plating

Brush Calculator

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